Friday afternoon session – How to go beyond compliance?

Are you looking for a different voice on how to solve today's challenges? And that gives you insights about your own perspective for action and helps you reflect on what you can do differently tomorrow? These Friday afternoon sessions help you make better decisions when it comes to sustainability, circular and innovation issues.

Afterwards you will look at our spaceship Earth from a different perspective from the possibilities that natural sciences offer you to solve our system issues. And on which hooks you can hang this for yourself and within your own organization.

What do we do?
In 3.5 hours we investigate what knowledge is needed to find solutions that answer system issues such as

  • Climate adaptation
  • Circularity
  • Energy transition
  • Healthy agriculture, food and biobased (regenerative)
  • Healthy and energy positive buildings
  • Raw materials transition (healthy polymers)
  • Water availability
  • Eliminate waste
  • More effective process technology

How are we going to do that?
Using examples, insights and fundamentals, we will discover why basic knowledge of natural science (physics, biology and green chemistry) is important for solving today's challenges. And together we will discover how systems thinking will help us in this. 

For whom:
In fact, anyone who wants to be able to better explain what is already possible today and wants action perspectives to do better tomorrow

  • Director , who seeks depth and breadth in what is possible.
  • Innovation manager,  who explores how to use innovation better.
  • Operations manager,  who is looking for more information on how to save costs more effectively.
  • Investor who is looking for more depth on how to play a greater role in the transition.
  • Risk manager , who seeks in-depth information to map and explain system risks.
  • Buyers , who are looking for more information about their role in sustainable purchasing and cost savings.
  • Sustainability manager, who is looking for more information about what else is possible.

Based on what you think it's worth 
(nominal value 100 euro per hour excl VAT)

Location :

Time :
1:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Dates & Registration :
to follow

Drop me an email to set it up

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