Sectors where we are active

Agriculture / Soil / Crops / Valorisation biomass

Fashion (leather value chain)
A client in the leather industry wanted more insight about the impact of their whole value chain. We identified possible systemic intervention areas and opportunities to lower unit costs. 

Agriculture (bio stimulants)
For a agricultural startup we were asked to reflect and cocreate how to improve their technological development (microbial, fermentation, process technology and go to market strategy)

Agriculture (farmer)
For a African farmer we conducted an systemic review of their whole material flow and identified potential new product cash flows.

Greenhouse / Horticulture 
Finding applications for plant-stem juice, a leftover stream from the fiber valorisation, using a fermentative approach.

Greenhouse / Horticulture
In collaboration with a horticulture organization we created a valorisation & biorefinery roadmap for the plant waste flows. 

Technology / Production 

Water company
Provided interventions with their engineers how to create more future proof business models and solutions how to lower OPEX and CAPEX costs.

PHA valorisation (biobased materials)
With an University and School of Applied Science we identified improvements to the current PHA process with more cash-flows opportunities.  

Production Company
Evaluating the product and material impact and creating a more future proof business model.

Car industry supplier
For this client we mapped their materials environmental impact and helped to identify areas for improvement and possible new business models.

 Build Environment

Build Environment
A client asked us to conduct co-creation sessions to identified how to generate more value from sport accommodations by integrating water, energy and clean air as new business models.

Urban Planning
With an architecture client we collaborate how integrating natures principles will change urban planning to benefit climate adaptation, local energy systems and local water systems. 

 Financial Services

Finance and banking
A risk management team of a large bank asked us for a dialogue session on how to adapt to future trends and regulatory requirements from a sustainable lens.

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