Scope Matters systemically accelerate material, technology and product innovation within the planetary boundaries, sustainable, circular and profitable. We apply knowledge from natures patterns to develop innovation strategies which offer lower manufacturing process costs and lower unit costs. In order to do so we bridges (eco)logical thinking with (eco)nomical doingSystem thinking lies at the heart of what we do. The circular (eco)nomy requires a revaluation of value chains and breakthrough technologies. We focus converting your negative (environmental) costs into positive cash flow’s. 

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Our Industrial system is undergoing rapid transformation due to breakthrough technology development, climate change and scarcity of global raw resources. These trends are increasing affecting risk profiling of business and regional economies.

The Transition towards a circular industrial system offers opportunities for resource efficiency, effective manufacturing, lower unit costs and product diversification. The challenge is creating resilient business models based on (eco)innovative solutions with zero negative environmental impact.

The good news, our spaceship earth solved many of the sustainable challenges already. Emulating nature is proving to be the direction for new innovations and business models. 

The biggest challenge is how to be resourceful and innovative in creating profitable innovative business models which are good for society, business and our Spaceship.

Full valorisation of matter, provides no external costs and only cash flows.

Our focus areas

Circular innovation
We assist you in creating systemic better products, lower your dependence on energy, water and materials and create a positive impact on climate and biodiversity

Waste Valorisation
We assist you in solving your wasted matter by identifying new cash-flows inside your value chain.

We assist you understanding the systemic relationships of natural science and its opportunities it provides to increase your ability to sustain.


Your profitability is your main management concern. Top priorities are reducing costs and improving production efficiency rates. You are doing more with less as resources are becoming scarce. Being Sustainable is a nice to have or is it?

We will challenge you to look at your main environmental concerns as business opportunities. It is evident when wasted matters can be transformed it lowers purchase costs, increases income cash flows and increases profit margins. It will help to get control of your materials, water and energy supply chains. In the process you also are adapted to any climate policy and requirements because your value chain is ready and flexible.

Valorizing of matter is what we are good at. We assist you in becoming sustainable by design because it just offers better business opportunities. Doing the right thing, because all your Matter Counts

How can we be of service

Dialog, Consultation & Acceleration for a personal deep dive. Together we explore how physics, biology and biochemistry can help your business models and value chains. Explorative and high in content. Highly recommended by many!

Co-creating with your teams. This can be through a Masterclass, Keynote with intervention session or what you prefer. It will stretch minds and energize. It works best when we can work directly on existing business challenges to maximize the impact.

(Eco) Innovation Routemapping with your strategy/management/board team. The outcomes can be a preliminary innovation roadmap, business impact assessment, cost reduction opportunities and/or business development connections. Tailored to your needs.

The real deal. Together we will bridge Ecological Thinking with Economic Doing. The transformation process will help align your Social, Ecological, Technological and Economic vision. It is a pragmatic visionary approach to solve your “How to” questions.

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