Your profitability is your main concern. Top priorities are reducing costs and improving production efficiency rates. You are doing more with less as resources are becoming scarce. Being sustainable is a nice to have or is it?

We will challenge you to look at your main environmental concerns as business opportunities. It is evident when wasted matters can be transformed it lowers purchase costs, increases income cash flows and increases profit margins. It will help to get control of your materials, water and energy supply chains. In the process you also are adapted to any climate policy and requirements because your value chain is ready and flexible.

Valorizing of all matter is what we are good at. We assist you in becoming sustainable by design because it just offers better business opportunities.

Doing the right thing, because all your Matter Counts


Zero waste valorisation strategies
We assist in solving wasted matter flows by identifying new cash-flows inside and outside your current value chain.

(systemic) Innovation strategies
We assist in creating systemic better products, lower dependence on energy, water and materials based on a whole value chain approach.

(eco)Technology strategies
We assist in applying nature’s principles to identify new efficiency and effectiveness solutions to improve help lower unit costs, lower energy and water dependence and redefine materials.

Material/Energy/Water strategies
We assist in finding opportunities suited for your material, energy and water innovation programs

Climate adaptation
We assist in creating systemic climate adaptation strategies to ensure your business and municipalities have a sustainable future.


Regional development strategies
We assist public organization with creating systemic strategies to incorporate the development strategies for a better, healthy and thriving community.

Governance &

Leadership (governance & people)
We assist in understanding the systemic relationships of natural science and the opportunities it provides to increase your ability to sustain.

Align SDG’s & Sustainability reporting
We assist how to align reporting requirements with business strategy and your license to operate.

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