Sometimes your sustainability, circularity or innovation challenge does not require an in-depth analysis or an extensive roadmap. 

You just need some some quick advice or feedback from an expert. 

Our online consulting service offers easy and affordable access to our expertise in creating systemic sustainable innovation.

We offer three services with a transparent fixed price and no hassle.

An Expert Call is as simple as grabbing the phone and talk to our experts for advice.

An Expert Review is for questions that require a bit more research to answer, such as a document review or second opinion.

In a Team Session, we work with you to review your challenge (approx. half a day.)

Get Started

Expert Call

For an expert opinion regarding any of your sustainability challenges, simply book a call with our professionals.

How does it work?

1_ Book a call, and pay per 10 minute as long the call lasts


   Price per 10 minutes: € 20,-

Expert Review

If you’re in need of an expert review, including a review of documents, research, concept, book an expert review session.

How does it work?

1_During the intake call, discuss your challenge with the expert (20 mins)

2_ The expert reviews and/or researches your case and sends you a short written summary of the results (max 1.5 hours)

3_ Call with the expert to review the results (max 1 hour)

At a fixed price of €499,-

Expert Session

In a team session, we work with you together for half a day to analyse your challenge, and work towards an answer.

How does it work?

1 _In the call, discuss your challenge and expectations (20 mins)

2_ Join the online co-creation session with our experts (4 hours))

3_ You receive a short written summary with the results of the session

At a fixed price of €1200,-

All prices are excl. 21% VAT where applicable.

Have a question, contact us here 

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